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P. S. 41- Walter Francis White Elementary School

What Do We Have To Offer as a K - 5 School?

Welcome to PS 41 - Walter Francis White Elementary School, a place where the pursuit of excellence in education takes center stage. Here, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive and holistic educational experience that goes beyond the conventional. Discover the unique elements that set us apart:

Academics Curriculum

English Language Arts

We Immerse our scholars in the art of reading with our HMH Into Reading Curriculum. Beyond the conventional, our curriculum focuses on Culturally Responsive Teaching, equipping students with varied foundational methods. Through small groups and personalized instruction, we tailor learning experiences to support students' varied needs. Our daily formative assessment and embedded end of unit assessments at the end of each module ensure continual progress.


We use the Envision Math program to shape critical math thinkers. Aligned with Next Generation state standards, this curriculum exposes students to diverse problem-solving approaches to acquire conceptual and procedural understanding. With videos accessible to both students and parents, we encourage collaborative learning, empowering students to choose the right tools and manipulatives for each math challenge.


At PS 41, STEAM isn't just a concept; it's a playground where creativity meets innovation, and every child takes flight towards their full potential.

 We ignite young minds with STEAM, fusing Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math into a thrilling journey of discovery. With the Amplify Science program,  students are transformed  into budding scientists through hands-on experiments, while Passport Social Studies provides the avenue to embark them on a global adventure with diverse cultures and historical mysteries. Technology takes center stage with our robotics program, building problem-solving and critical thinking skills through exciting robot creations. We integrate cutting edge programs like AMIRA and Lexia which personalizes reading instruction, empowering every child to become a confident reader.

Recognizing the diverse academic levels of our students, we have seamlessly integrated Academic Intervention Services into our daily curriculum. From Monday to Wednesday, ELA sessions offer structured small group instruction, while Thursday and Friday focus on math support. Our AIS team comprises not only classroom teachers but also specialists, ensuring a holistic approach to academic improvement.

Beyond academics, we nurture hearts and Minds by  prioritizing the social and emotional well-being of our students. Our dedicated SEL team provides mandated counseling in a judgment-free environment. Meditation sessions foster connections between students and teachers, and school-wide events. Our CBO, Partnership with Children (PWC) offers us resources through which we are able to address various challenges students may face, ensuring they become resilient and lifelong learners.

We unleash talents and cultivating artistic expression through our myriad of extra curricular activities including:

  • Dance
  • Sign Language
  • Martial Arts
  • Steel Pan
  • Chorus
  • Sports - Basketball, Football
  • Wood Making
  • Screen Printing
  • Media Club
  • Steps
  • Double Dutch

At PS 41, we understand the importance of parental involvement. Our dedicated Parent Coordinator forms close relationships with parents, providing support on curriculum concerns, attendance issues, and teacher appointments. Beyond academics, we assist in building community rapport, creating linkages for housing, employment, and mental health.

Our commitment to building a strong community extends beyond the classroom. Through informative workshops and engaging events like karaoke, we bring parents, teachers, and students together, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.